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BioEconomy Partners -   Exceptional site selection & infrastructure, project finance, government tax incentives,  technology due diligence, sustainability and government relations is essential for competitive economics and capital supported technology scale-up.   Deploy your clean technology faster, world wide.

Specialty in renewable chemical and biobased products.  


Technology Analysis

go or no go. waste no investment, 

Are your investors, strategic business partners, commercial lenders or government officials familiar with your basic technology? At presentation end, do they ask basic questions that you thought were covered?  

Third party expert analysis is often what these strategic partners are looking for, but in a media saturated world, the need good communication for clarity with credible data support.  BioEconomy Partners will provide concise and credible technology due diligence reporting for:

  • Grant funding proposals,
  • Presentation building,
  • Strategic partnering
  • Investment rounds 
  • Internal communications 
  • Commercial lending
  • Congressional briefings

In any context comprehensive and clean technology due diligence communication is critical to your success. 

Consider this service if you are:  

  • An experienced competitor at commercial scale interested in partnering with a small company to hedge existing business;
  • A senior executive pushing for approvals of a strategic partnership or novel supplier up the chain
  • A VC investment fund manager interested in a technology to increase diversification; 
  • State Agency ready to invest  large scale grant funding;
  • R&D stage company with a need to understand other technology opportunities in the marketplace; 

We offer a comprehensive analysis of technology viability from R&D to commercial scale, and we do so in language you can take to investors, partners, counsel,  government, and the public.  We  provide   clear communication of issues related to:

  • Novel technology;
  • Patent infringement
  • Supply chain integration
  • Commercial scale infrastructure
  • Feedstock development
  • Consumer and regulatory hot spots
  • Sustainability / Life Cycle Analysis 
  • Clean tech and impact investment fund positioning
  • Process guarantees
  • Economic viability

Our project team will  provide a determination of technology viability within the context of your query. At the same time we will walk you through the technology and economics as others need to see it, for strategic results.