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BioEconomy Partners -   Exceptional site selection & infrastructure, project finance, government tax incentives,  technology due diligence, sustainability and government relations is essential for competitive economics and capital supported technology scale-up.   Deploy your clean technology faster, world wide.

Specialty in renewable chemical and biobased products.  

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Project Finance

technology at scale

With analysis of government funding complete and site selected, the race to turn over the ground and get it built begins. A project capital stack for novel or clean technology may include financial mechanisms unfamiliar to commercial lenders, government tax abatement and incentives that are difficult to quantify, and a local consortium of equity and debt funding.   

Navigation of regionally specific project finance issues requires boots on the ground. We travel, with your CFO or alone, to provide the right government and banking relationships, analysis support, guidance, and essential negotiation leverage so that you can bring the elements together and accomplish financing.