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BioEconomy Partners -   Exceptional site selection & infrastructure, project finance, government tax incentives,  technology due diligence, sustainability and government relations is essential for competitive economics and capital supported technology scale-up.   Deploy your clean technology faster, world wide.

Specialty in renewable chemical and biobased products.  


Government Funding

Eliminate the grey areas

The landscape of public spending and incentives in any country is navigable, with the right map and the right set of tools. We discover, negotiate, and quantify these opportunities for your project so that you can decide with hard numbers. During the process, opportunities to reduce project and business risks emerge.

The non-dilutive capital opportunity at any site can be a make or break point for start up technologies moving to pilot or commercial scale.  BioEconomy Partners can work with your company to uncover the competitive edge that is available with the right government funding.  

Some countries focus and incentivize  clean technology specifically. These locations have tax policy, infrastructure funding, grants and loans, all aligned with economic development initiatives, job creation, and sustainability goals. 

  BioEconomy Partners can uncover and demystify: 

  • Federal Corporate Tax Incentives
  • Grant Programs
  • Local Economic Dev Venture funds
  • Green Building Incentives
  • Recruitment Support & Training
  • Real Estate Investment Tax programs
  • Government Loan Programs
  • Property Assessed  Clean Energy Financing
  • Property Tax Exemptions
  • Income Tax Abatement
  • New Market Tax Credits
  • Production Tax Credits
  • Rebate Programs
  • Utility Rate Discounts
  • Renewable Portfolio Standards
  • Solar & Wind Access Laws
  • Favorable Safety Legislation and regulations
  • Product Labeling
  • Government Purchasing Preferences


By eliminating  ‘grey areas,'  we can help to secure the best possible government funding investment and reduce the cost of capital.

A succinct, economical presentation of quantified, available incentives from top sites will shed light on measurable advantages and disadvantages.  We bring a clear and concise weighted decision tree  to enable better communication and decision making to senior managers, board members, and investors.