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BioEconomy Partners -   Exceptional site selection & infrastructure, project finance, government tax incentives,  technology due diligence, sustainability and government relations is essential for competitive economics and capital supported technology scale-up.   Deploy your clean technology faster, world wide.

Specialty in renewable chemical and biobased products.  


Government Relations

Market entry is a race, don't ignore the hurdles. 

You should be doing something, but what?

Is advocacy, or government relations, necessary for your business at this time?  And most importantly, will it pay off?   No one wants to waste time or effort on unsustainable or unlikely outcomes. Simply stated, government relations may be necessary for a targeted short term effort, or for the long term, depending on your business needs and objectives. 

BioEconomy Partners does not believe in any company wasting time or resources on unfeasible or stagnant government relations efforts. 

Do you need to advocate for your business objectives?

As an efficiency measure, we work first to thoroughly understand your business objectives.  We don't make assumptions about your business needs based on the industry at large, political landscape or government funding opportunities.

We seek to answer key threshold questions early on, for a clear determination of possible advocacy objectives.  For example:

$80.4 Billion in incentives  from 1,874 programs are given to companies each year to locate operations in the U.S.  

$80.4 Billion in incentives  from 1,874 programs are given to companies each year to locate operations in the U.S.  

  • What are your competitor’s doing  in this area?
  • Does your business qualify for any government programs?
  • What is an appropriate strategy?
  • What are the actions needed to expedite your objectives?
  • What   governments around the globe have policy relevant to your business objectives?
  • Will they expedite immediate business objectives?

To clear away the grey areas, clarify the purpose and process of government relations, and provide viable ways to expedite your technology deployment, BioEconomy Partners can provide an economical Policy, Programing, Opportunities & Strategy Report  for your team. This will identify relevant policy and funding opportunities that can be pursued both in the immediate and long term.  An additional section will provide a recommended government relations strategy and will serve as a global roadmap for immediate activity. It will set expectations for future efforts, and determine if ongoing, long term advocacy is necessary.

Policy, Programing, Opportunities & Strategy Report includes:

  • An overview of congressional legislative programing affecting your business;
  • An assessment of USDA, DOE, SBA and other relevant local and state agency funding opportunities;
  • A global sweep of relevant programs for deployment overseas;
  • A brief overview of relevant overarching policy drivers;
  • Information on effective membership organizations, and how to leverage membership effectively;
  • Analysis of competitor incentive packages, grant, loan guarantees or other offers;
  • Identification of immediate funding opportunities site specific to pipeline projects;
  • Devise near term strategy for capture of immediate funding opportunities at the federal, state and local levels;
  • Identification and recommendation of necessary long term ongoing efforts;

Ongoing Government Relations Services

Want to stay informed, ready, and strategically positioned but don't have the internal resources? Expand your bandwidth with economical ongoing government relations services. These may include:

  • Timely identification of relevant Request For Proposals, industry issues, public issues, and regulatory changes trends.
  • Targeted State and Federal advocacy for your company's strategic interests world wide.
  • Regular reporting of relevant activities within your industry associations. 
  • Direct advocacy for specific government funding.
  • Increased company profile and visibility with government officials, industry competitors and potential partners.